Getting Support for Chronos

For questions and discussions around Chronos, please use the Google Group “chronos-scheduler”: Chronos Scheduler Group.

Also join us on IRC in #mesos on freenode.

Reporting Bugs

Bugs can be reported by creating a new GitHub issue.

To make all of our lives easier we ask that all bug reports include at least the following information:

The output of:

mvn -X clean package


java -version

If the error is in running tests, then please include the output of running all the tests.

# Mac/FreeBSD
tail +1 target/surefire-reports/*.txt
# GNU Coreutils
tail -n +1 target/surefire-reports/*.txt

If the error is in the installer, please include all the output from running it with debug enabled:

bash -x bin/installer.bash

If the bug is in building Mesos from scratch, please submit those bugs directly to the Apache Mesos JIRA.

If the bug occurs while running Chronos, please include the following information:

  • The command used to launch Chronos, for example:

      java -cp target/chronos.jar org.apache.mesos.chronos.scheduler.Main <args>
  • The version of Mesos you are running.

  • The output of

      java -version